MuscleBlaze Carb Blend, 6.6 lb Unflavoured

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MuscleBlaze Carb Blend is a superior mix of carbs, such as dextrose, fructose (fruit sugar) and Maltodextrin, a starch derivative. MuscleBlaze Carb Blend absorbs quickly and provides immediate as well as sustained energy during intense physical activities. The energy burst provided by MuscleBlaze Carb Blend makes is a perfect recovery drink for athletes and runners and helps them to avoid hitting the wall, a condition attained by complete depletion of glycogen (longer chain version of glucose, stored in the muscle cells and the liver). Easy to mix, MuscleBlaze Carb Blend can be had in-between the marathon run to keep the energy level brimming. Post workout, MuscleBlaze Carb Blend helps create an insulin spike that assists in new muscle synthesis.

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